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Launcha's vision is to help entrepreneurs develop their concept from inception to launch and beyond.

We work with founders to help them achieve their aspirations and goals by providing capital, expertise and experience.

We are interested in early stage technology related businesses that have a clear vision of how to enter and disrupt or change the way a market operates.

Our philosophy is to work with our teams as partners not merely as investors.

We encourage our founders to be bold and commit to the project to provide long-term growth rather than short-term profitability.

We recognise that each business may not have a fully formed management team and can provide support to complement and develop the team. We wont know all the answers but we will help you find these and provide the support you need to trial different methods.

Our emphasis to ensure we support the founders grow the business providing support such as:

• Marketing advice and support, particularly around the use of social media and off line strategy to drive engagement with customers.

• Back office support with accounting, reporting and legal expertise.

• Access to funding at later rounds through our network and managing the fund raising process.

Underlying all our investments is a focus of technology that either enables delivery or provides a new solution to the market.

We are interested in early stage technology related businesses that have a clear vision of how to enter and disrupt or change the way a market operates.

While we do invest in start-ups, generally we invest once a founder has developed a proposition and undergone initial testing and a soft launch.

Typically we invest a minimum of £100,000 up to a maximum of £1million over the lifetime of our partnership with the business.

We are flexible on our exit options but see that once we have helped to develop and prove the concept they require Series A funding to develop further. We are keen to remain involved with the business and would look to maintain a shareholding.

Mission Control

At Mission Control we monitor and support the development of our investments. All our investees work together to share their ideas, best practice and experience.

Our Investments

We are helping a number of entrepreneurs develop their concepts from inception and continue to support them once launched.

  • Veeqo is a cloud application that manages a sellers inventory and orders. With direct Shopify and Royal Mail integration, sellers can import all of their stock and orders and manage them directly in Veeqo. Veeqo have integrated with Royal Mail to allow sellers to manage all of their dispatches with ease. Label printing and order manifest printing allows them to concentrate on more pressing issues. With multiple sales channel integrations, sellers can keep on top of their inventory and orders with ease.

  • Launching in November 2013, Dipstix is an online portal to help motorists manage their vehicles. Their online service will help motorists keep track of when the oil needs changing, when the MOT is due and all the other annoying little details. They will even provide multiple instant quotes from local trusted service centres.

  • Cardiocity design and manufacture physiological monitoring equipment in Desktop, Mobile and Kiosk formats for Primary, Community and Mobile Healthcare applications. The first product from Cardiocity measures ECG through simple hand placement and allows for a 6 lead ECG to be obtained in 30 seconds. The patient feels at ease and is in control of the process. The benefits for community health screenings are obvious to see with such a fast turnaround Cardiocity\\\'s products provide a step change in the ability to provide ECG screening for cardiac abnormalities. Future products will look to incorporate Blood Pressure and eventually Blood Glucose monitoring.

  • Launching October 2013, ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS is about changing the way that people find and book salon appointments, taking the booking experience online and doing it with style. It’s about helping salons to grow their profile and image online and get new customers so that they’re filling their empty chairs. It’s not just about the booking transaction, but also about telling the story of the salon and its customers using social media and photography - it’s appointment booking with style, social and attitude! From buzzin haircuts to a bit of beauty, ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS is all about helping people find great places to book with that will make them look and feel good - and that’s guys and girls! So lose the hassle of booking your appointments - easily book when works for you with ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS!

  • Healthcare Diagnostics is a vitro diagnostics start up based near Manchester. Its primary focus is to commercialise diagnostic devices to assist in POC (point of care) treatment developed by the founders. The first vertical market being targeted for development is the sexually transmitted disease sector where within the UK alone there are c.2 million tests carried out a year.

  • A platform to create mobile games that interact with our world. The Gamar gaming platform makes it possible for cultural organisations and businesses to create exciting and innovative mobile games rapidly and cost effectively. Games created on the platform encourage interaction with the real world, and are educational, entertaining and engaging. The patent pending Gamar technology blends augmented reality, 3d depth and face recognition, delivering natural and immersive experiences.

  • Elastera is a Cloud Hosting Platform for Magento e-commerce sites. Founded by the pioneers of SaaS e-commerce at Venda, Elastera provides a fully managed solution that hides of all the complexity associated with a scalable on demand, fast and secure infrastructure. It is designed to bring industrial-strength, quality and easy set-up by constantly evolving the platform. No more hassle with the “DIY plumbing and wiring", the business and developers can focus on adding value to their customers and grow.

  • Yieldify converts abandoned website visitors into customers. Using its algorithm technology, Yieldify creates engaging and personalised overlay messages in real-time to visitors depending on their mouse movements, speed and user behaviour. It helps websites to maximise their lead generation and sales.

  • Logical Glue (“LG”) is building a cloud-­based platform to enable organisations to create computational intelligence models on their own data to predict outcomes, and to deploy them in real time, using LG’s patented techniques in Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

  • Minicabster (formerly known as Anycabs) began life in 2011, and has helped thousands of people get from A to B around the UK. Since its launch, Minicabster has given a new lease of life to the minicab industry - bringing it online and into the 21st century. If you need a minicab, by entering your journey details into their website or app, Minicabster gathers quotes from several minicab operators. It then allows you to book your minicab in a couple of clicks and pay securely by card online, or pay with cash to the driver.

  • Boox provides a fixed fee, online accounting service for contractors, freelancers, locums and small businesses. The easy-to-use accounting service saves clients time by doing the accounts, tax calculations and company secretarial work. Boox is a cloud based business allowing clients to access their accounts and manage their business 24/7.

  • Toothpick was launched nationwide in early 2013 with a large portfolio of NHS and private dental practices connected to its online booking service. Using live appointment data from direct links with practice calendars, patient reviews and price comparison tools, the service now helps thousands of patients every week to make informed choices about when, where and by whom they wish to receive their dental care. Toothpick has been warmly received by practices and patients alike. Welcome to the future of patient care.

  • Buzzmove is an online marketplace for home removals where customers on the move can ensure they are getting the best bespoke deals from local quality and accredited removal companies. Launched in 2013, Buzzmove is BAR (British Association of Removers) accredited and the vendors listed on the site have been thoroughly vetted and validated to ensure customers are getting the right company for the job.

  • Illuminate is a digital performance marketing agency focused on delivering high quality traffic to brands. With a wealth of tools, technology and experience at their reach they constantly deliver value increases to their clients.

  • Fleximize is an innovative lender and the first in the UK to offer a revenue-based finance product. The company’s Revenue Advance loan provides an immediate capital uplift in exchange for a small portion of future revenue, allowing businesses to grow organically without sacrificing any equity. Alternatively, businesses can apply for a fixed-instalment loan on flexible repayment terms. To find out more about Fleximize and apply for a loan, visit


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